Robby  Benson  Scrapbook

The Second Edition!

Since the 1970's Robby starred in numerous and successful television productions of all sorts. Below are clippings, Promotional images, videos, and some screencaps from these TV movies and episodes.

The Death of Richie (1977)

Our Town (1977)

Two of a kind (1982)

Tough Cookies (1986)

Precious Victims (1991)


Robby's "STAR WARS" Audition Reel

Mark Hamill reflects on the Star Wars auditions and has some nice kudos for Robby –

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was on the internet. I was looking at Laurel and Hardy clips or something. And then I came across Star Wars auditions. Now, they’d been out as extras on the DVD for years, but I just never had the nerve to watch them," Hamill said.

"So with great trepidation, I clicked and I watched William Katt and Robby Benson and Kurt Russell and me. And my impression was: any one of those guys was perfect. Robby was sort of the most boyish and coy and cute, but he was good. They were all great!"

"Mark Hamill reflects on his competition for playing Luke: "Any one of those guys was perfect" 

Read the Full Interview – from Games Radar

Robby and Josephine the Plumber