Robby  Benson  Scrapbook

The Second Edition!

As a musically gifted performer, Robby Benson composed and sang his own songs for a number of films. Unfortunately, the majority of his music never made it beyond LP's and 45's. Robby's voice, by our personal description, can melt you like butter on a hot pan, he's a velvet baritone/bass mix with a bit of roughness around the edges. Robby has a charming, folk-rock style coupled with breezy, introspective lyrics, whether he's singing his own lyrics or those written by others.

Below are a collection of mp3s to download for your listening pleasure.  Please keep in mind that most of this music was recorded off record players or tape recorded from the movie itself before being transferred to a mp3 file. Please just enjoy the 'AM' radio quality that even includes the sound of the old record player scratching. (Remember those?) 

Robby has released an official music album as a companion to his latest book, "I'm not dead yet." It features a slew of cool original tunes, lovely music from his equally talented wife, Karla De Vito, and a remastered version of  "Mr. Weinstein's Barber Shop" from his 1980 film, "Die Laughing." It's a terrific album!

Get it here at Amazon.

Learn more from Robby's Official Website with other options to buy both the print book, E-book version, and music album. 


Hey Everybody

Hey Everybody is a Bell Records Promo single release from 1974. Special thanks to Paul for the MP3 copy.

John denver

Late Night Radio

In 1978 Robby teamed up with the sensational, late country/folk rock singer John Denver, to sing this great country style ditty. Watch the video and download the music.

All the kind strangers

All the Kind Strangers: Song 1

All the Kind Strangers: Song 2

The theme song to the 1974 TV Movie. Music and Lyrics by Regis Mull.


The Hourglass Song

From Robby's 1973 hit movie, "Jeremy." Written by Joseph Brooks. This song has a beautiful violin refrain. It's a fan favorite that has many musicians covering it. You can check out the videos on youtube. 

Walk Proud

Adios Yesterday

Adios Yesterday-Extended

Robby composed Adios Yesterday as the theme song for his 1979 film and it played during the end credits.

Die Laughing

Mr. Weinstein's Barber shop

The first of Robby's original songs that opens the film and wins Daniel Pinsky a chance to play at the semi-finals.

The second song Rush Hour plays. Pinksy is scared because he's  caught up in a mad-cap fugitive chase for a monkey with knowledge of a nuclear formula. The song gets interrupted a few times, but the scene was ingeniously cut so you never miss a lyric. You may hear a slight break in the mp3 version where the film scenes were cut.

Far side of a dream

Pinksy and his band Rush Hour make the semi-finals and he saved the world from a weirdo scientist. Rush Hour wins with this end song.

More musical treats

Robby's singing clip in Beauty and the Beast – Something There

The theme song to Jory, sung by B.J. Thomas.

Beautiful instrumental theme to The Chosen, composed by Elmer Bernstein.

Robby Benson and Karla DeVito are magical together when they sing. Here they perform "If I Had the Wings" from his musical "Open Heart" on ABC4 News in 2007.